A third-party study by Special Pathogens Laboratory, a CDC-ELITE facility, demonstrated that reactive oxygen species (ROS) ions were effective at achieving a 6-log reduction of Legionella Pneumophila in less than 10 seconds after reaching an ORP +650 mv.

Bio-hydrox, an advanced oxidation liquid formula, achieved immediate 6-Log reduction of Legionella using a dosage of 3 mg/l. Chlorinated compounds may require 30 minutes for same results. Bio-hydrox is effective at removing biofilm and control recolonization in the water system. It can also help prevent scaling and corrosion and is not sensitive to pH or water temperature. It was certified NSF/ANSI 60 of the Safe Clean Water Act in 2013 and approved as a drinking water treatment product.

According to Envirocleen, the exclusive distributor of Bio-hydrox, the formula brings solutions to difficult situations where the highest level and very effective oxidation is required and where reliability is not questionable.

A free copy of the Special Pathogens Laboratory study report can be downloaded at www.envirocleen.com.