Evapco: Packaged Cooling Tower with Compact Footprint

Series LSTE offers induced draft, counterflow technology. The low profile centrifugal fan on the forced-draft cooling towers ensures low sound. The units are suited for indoor and ducted layouts and provide a unitary, compact design for tight layouts or height-restricted areas. The range in capacity from 33 to 1,349 nominal tons, and the cooling tower series is IBC Compliant. This means it is independently certified by the International Building Code to withstand seismic and wind-load forces in North America. The series also is independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute.

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Baltimore Aircoil Co. (BAC): Cooling Tower Line Expands to Include 14’ Models

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Incorporating a counterflow cooling tower design, the PT2 line was expanded to include 14’ models. The two new configurations (8.5 x 14’ and 12 x 14’ box sizes) are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). Offering a compact footprint, the PT2 provides an efficient solution for installations with space constraints. The units also reduce energy consumption with premium efficient motors. Installation is eased due to a single-piece lift and BAC’s InterLok System. The towers have a wind load rating of 130 psf and are seismically verified up to an SDS of 2.93g at grade.

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Brentwood Industries Inc.: Herringbone-Patterned Cooling Tower Fill

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The XF75 cooling tower fill line includes regular crossflow herringbone film fill pack, the crossflow herringbone film fill pack with a drift eliminator in the design, and the crossflow herringbone film fill with an inlet louver in the design. Suited for crossflow cooling tower systems, the cooling tower fill has a herringbone design to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for maximum thermal performance. The heavy-duty PVC system includes base supports, fill support beams, and front and back retainers made specifically to fit each cooling tower. The support design allows for maximum weight distribution over an increased surface area while ensuring ease of access for basin cleaning.

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Air Solution Co.: Cottonwood Filter Screens for Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Chillers

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Cottonwood filter screens eliminate clogging of fill and strainers as well as sludge buildup in cooling towers. Less contamination means facilities can avoid cleaning solvents and power washing of chiller or condenser coils. Facilities can save annually in energy, downtime, lost productivity and maintenance costs. Compatible with all mechanical equipment brands, the air-intake filter screens are offered in 10 styles. From small condenser and chiller coils to large cooling towers and intake openings that require fast setup or take down, air-intake filtration systems can protect valuable equipment from airborne debris.

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Denso North America: Cooling Tower Corrosion Prevention with Petrolatum Tape System

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Wet/dry cycles and constant temperature changes help create cooling tower corrosion. Petrolatum tape systems provide protection for piping, conduit, electrical boxes, hangers, valves, flanges and sprinkler systems with minimum surface preparation required. Typical uses include Denso Paste S105 with a double layer of Densyl tape to all exposed steel pipe in the cooling tower system.

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SPX Cooling Technology: Factory-Assembled Single-Flow Cooling Towers

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The induced-draft crossflow line includes both single and multi-fan models and a tonnage range from 122 to 772 nominal tons. Flow rate ranges from 117 to 1541 gal/min (27 to 350 m3/hr). Marley Model AV provides a compact footprint and is well-suited to support light industrial loads. A bearing housing belt-drive system is standard equipment. The Marley Geareducer and motor outside airstream (MOA) options are available on some models. Other popular selections include welded stainless steel basins, sweeper piping, interior mechanical and access door platforms, slip-resistant plenum walkway and hot water basin guardrail system to ease inspection and maintenance.

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