Line of industrial refrigeration products leverages the company’s experience with CO2 in the commercial market for industrial use. The new products are intended to support the effort to reduce ammonia in the cold storage space. Such technologies include a modular unit offered in several configurations, including cascade, pumped secondary and direct expansion. The MRU solution acts as a turnkey solution, reducing installation time in new cold storage distribution centers or retrofits for existing centers. The 143-mm, single-screw compressor is the high stage component of the MRU CO2/NH3 cascade systems. It is designed for use with efficient variable-speed controls. The 550 Series of high pressure reciprocating compressor units is designed for use mostly in CO2 cascade systems. The MicroVission controller is a scalable addition to the Vission 20/20 product line and can be used with any of the company’s reciprocating compressors.

Emerson, Vilter Manufacturing