Plenty Backflush Filter is designed to keep processes running without manual intervention. Designed specifically for applications on water systems, the filter is offered in stainless steel or cast iron housings in sizes to suit most applications. The filters are designed to minimize product loss during backflush action and do not require any separate backwash supply. The filtration element is available in a large range of sizes with mesh or wedge-wire options to suit application needs. They operate in normal filtration mode until a timer initiates a regular cleaning cycle or the amount of contaminate accumulated inside the strainer tubes restricts the flow passage, causing an increase in the differential pressure. When the pressure drop reaches a preset trigger level, the automatic cleaning mechanism is actuated, and a sliding seal plate connected to the backwash outlet effectively blanks off each strainer element in turn from the inlet water. Pressure within the strainer body is higher than the pressure in the backwash outlet pipe and so induces a flow of clean water in the reverse direction through the isolated element, effectively flushing away all accumulated debris.

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