One of my favorite things in my early days of publishing was getting a new at-a-glance planner each December. Part calendar, address book and part personal guidebook, each new calendar offered smooth, unmarked pages full of potential. I would carefully add important events like trade shows as well as publishing deadlines so I would always know what I needed to work around. Today, I do much the same electronically, with shared calendars and Outlook. And, while they’re effective, I miss that tactile calendar at times.

My calendars have always served dual roles of “to do,” “don’t forget to do” and “do (or due) by” list-keepers. With an eye toward helping you fill your dual-duty lists, I’ve developed a list of 6 places you can connect with Process Cooling with do-by/due-by dates. First, a few “to do’s.”

  • Meet me, publisher Darrell Dal Pozzo and many others on the PC team at AHR Expo in Atlanta. You can find us at the show on January 14-16 in booth B1439.
  • Meet me at the Cooling Technology Institute’s annual meeting in New Orleans on February 10-14.
  • Find the Process Cooling team at the annual conference of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration in Phoenix on March 3-6.

Second, here are a few “do (or due) by” items to remember:

  • Learn about ways to avoid problems with scale, corrosion and microbiological growth, and Legionella by watching “How to Develop a First-Rate Cooling Water Treatment Program” by May 31.
  • Learn “How to Reduce Cooling Tower Blowdown Water Volume Using an Electrochemical Water Treatment System” in a one-hour webinar from Dynamic Water Technologies. Online access ends September 20.
  • If your facility uses ammonia refrigeration system, find out what you need to do to ensure “Emergency Preparedness and Ammonia Refrigeration Safety.” Access to this webinar ends on October 24.

You can learn more about each of these events, and gain access to webinars, on our website. Online, I’ll also add some easy-to-download calendar events so you can add them to your calendar. See you soon!