Series GS-400 supports safety compliance inside of machinery rooms, mechanical equipment rooms, chiller plants, cold storage facilities and walk-in freezers by monitoring for refrigerant leaks for numerous gases, including HFCs, HFOs, HCFCs, CO2 and NH3 (ammonia). The ability to detect refrigerant leaks and initiate alarm systems helps to protect personnel and achieve compliance with safety standards like ASHRAE 15, CSA-B52 and EN 378. The refrigerant gas detectors are supported by a mobile app user interface, simplifying configuration, calibration and maintenance. Plug-and-play, precalibrated sensor installation and replacement reduce commissioning and installation time in the field.  Calibration certificates can be generated from the mobile app and sent by email or shared to cloud storage platforms. An optional gas detection controller supports up to eight sensor channels and enables a centralized alarm and power system.

Bacharach Inc.