In an interview with Editor Linda Becker, Bonnie Martens, the marketing communications manager at Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions, Kalamazoo, Mich., offers insights about chiller maintenance tips.

  • For a central chilling system, what are some best practices for chiller maintenance? Generally, what maintenance should the operator take weekly or monthly? [0:16]
  • What about quarterly or even annually? [2:10]
  • In your case history, the machine tool shop was using the central chiller year round. Some applications, however, may utilize a portable chiller or may only require seasonal cooling to handle excess heat during summer, for instance. How does that affect recommended chiller maintenance? [4:30]
  • Finally, we both know process applications run the gamut from straightforward to complex. Obviously, in processes with tight temperature tolerances, chiller uptime is paramount. Does this affect maintenance recommendations? [6:40]

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