Designed for the severe operating conditions encountered in an air-cooled condenser, the cooling tower fan drive meets CTI STD 167. The helical gears are designed and manufactured from nickel alloy steel and are case hardened to ensure optimum tooth strength. The gears are precision ground to American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) class Q11 quality level to provide low noise, low vibration operation. The Quantum is designed with a true dry well and does not require wear seals to contain the lubricant or keep contaminants out. All of the bearings are oil lubricated yet oil or grease leaks will not occur unless the gearbox is significantly overfilled with oil. This technology eliminates the need for greased bearings. A non-wearable seal on the input shaft has a no contact design that is intended to allow it to last the life of the gearbox without required seal maintenance.

Amarillo Gear