A partnership between Goodway Technologies and Multistack, a manufacturer of chiller systems, is intended to simplify the selection of cleaning chemicals for ensuring heat transfer and efficiencies remain optimal. Owners of Multistack chillers can use an online tool from Goodway to identify the type and amount of cleaner to use as well as how long to circulate the cleaning fluids. Cleaning such systems can help break up and remove scale from evaporator and condenser heat exchangers.  

The tool grew out of collaborations such as one where Goodway worked with a facility that operated three Multistack 85-ton modular chillers. They found heavy scaling in the condensers, which was causing poor performance. After circulating ScaleBreak-MP through the brazed plate condensers, the head pressure went from 423 psi to 254 psi. The estimated savings in efficiency was $116 a day, or $42,340 annually. (Read more about this case history here.)

Goodway’s descaling cleaner, ScaleBreak-MP, is a blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors and wetting and penetrating agents. The biodegradable descaler dissolves scale deposits into a liquid suspension, allowing them to be flushed out of the chiller without leaving any residual solution, according to Goodway.