A static pressure control system for older-model spiral freezers can help upgrade equipment operation, says its manufacturer. The SPCS from GEA instantly controls the airflow, which reduces frost buildup, increases productivity and improves product quality. Because the control system allows users to save energy, it offers a four-month return on investment, says GEA.

The SPCS is a drop-in replacement for all A-Tec spiral freezers built before 2015 that have a manually operated air-balance fan to control internal airflow in line with changing atmospheric conditions within the production hall. A fan that is incorrectly set increases the risk of frost buildup, which leads to more defrost cycles, reduced productivity, an inconsistent product profile and higher production costs.

The SPCS monitors atmospheric conditions automatically using a PLC algorithm and makes the necessary fine adjustments to the fan speed. This results in a more consistent product profile and less frost buildup at freezer openings, says GEA.