M&M Refrigeration LLC, a pioneer in CO2-based cascade systems for industrial process and other large-scale refrigeration, will acquire Carnot Refrigeration, a forerunner in the use of CO2 transcritical refrigeration in North America for commercial and industrial applications.

"This partnership firmly establishes our position as the leader in carbon dioxide-based refrigeration by combining M&M's industry-leading cascade solutions with Carnot's innovative transcritical solutions," says Chad Riedel, president of M&M Refrigeration, Federalsburg, Md.

"We are thrilled to partner with M&M, and together pursue a future where eco-friendly refrigeration is the global standard. M&M's complementary market coverage and resources enhance our ability to service the growing demand for green refrigeration and heat pumps," says Marc-André Lesmerises, CEO and founder of Carnot Refrigeration, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada.

M&M expects the acquisition to expand its collective service and controls offerings.