As a part of a campus-wide expansion plan, South Dakota State University in Brookings has added more than 1 million ft2 of educational space over the past decade.

During phase one of the expansion project, three two-cell Evapco AT counterflow cooling towers made of 304/304L stainless steel were installed. In phase two, which will be completed this summer, three identical cooling towers will be added, bringing the total cooling capacity of the chiller plant to 4,500 tons.

The units provide 2,250 tons of combined cooling capacity. Six, 750-ton Trane electric-driven centrifugal water chillers are installed in the chiller plant building below the towers. The facility also includes a free-cooling heat exchanger for winter cooling operation equivalent to approximately 1,000 tons.

The new equipment was needed due to new demand from a new wellness center, football stadium and three new agricultural buildings.