Danfoss has been named a winner of three 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. The company won in the cooling (interlaced microchannel heat exchanger), green building (Turbocor TG490 compressor) and refrigeration (CO2 adaptive liquid management solution) categories.

The interlaced microchannel heat exchanger, or iMCHE, integrates multiple circuits into a single coil with shared air heat transfer area, controlling each one independently by a multi-circuit system. It uses whole air side heat transfer area when operating under partial load conditions to improve system efficiency by more than 20 percent. It also offers 30 percent higher heat transfer efficiency and lower refrigerant charge.

Designed for air- or water-cooled chillers, the Turbocor TG490 is an oil-free, variable-speed magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor qualified for the use of R-515B, which has an AR5 GWP of 299 and an ASHRAE A1 safety classification for lower toxicity and no flame propagation. It also is qualified to use HFO-1234ze, an environmentally friendly refrigerant with a GWP less than one.

The CO2 adaptive liquid management (CALM) solution combines Danfoss’ liquid ejector and adaptive liquid control case controller algorithm to fully utilize the evaporator surface in display cases and cold rooms to provide up to 10 percent greater energy efficiency on top of the energy savings inherent in CO2 refrigeration.