An industrial refrigeration workshop planned for February 24-28, 2020, in Charlotte will help those involved with design/build, plant operations or refrigeration equipment manufacturing master key aspects of industrial refrigeration.

The one-week course is presented by Don Fenton and Gary Wilson, who offer a systematic study of the technical background, practice and developments in low temperature refrigeration. The one week-intensive short course focuses on industrial refrigeration as practiced in food freezing, refrigeration and in other low temperature applications.

In addition to Fenton and Wilson, Erik Gunderson of Primus Builders, John Kollasch of Evapco, Louis Tatum of  Morris & Associates Inc., Donald Faust of Frick Industrial Refrigeration, and Jerry Lozano of Baltimore Aircoil Co. will present sessions from the perspective of industrial refrigeration field and practical experience. Throughout the course, the example of an example ammonia refrigeration system serving a food distribution center and incorporating selected low charge technology will be used to illustrate key points. Such systems are typical of many applications.

Topics to be covered include refrigerant properties; one- and two-stage refrigeration cycles; load calculations; construction of refrigerated buildings; liquid recirculation systems; reciprocating and screw compressors; performance and selection of evaporator coils; condensers; energy conservation; vessel sizing; liquid pumps; pipe sizing; safety; and control of both halocarbon and ammonia systems.

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration and Kansas State University sponsor the workshop.

Register for the industrial refrigeration workshop here.