Goodway Technologies, a manufacturer of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, is partnering with Camus to offer a safe and effective cleaning solution for industrial boilers. Camus manufactures gas-fired, high efficiency copper tube and stainless steel boilers.

In boilers, mineral deposits within the water supply can fall out of suspension and create an insulating barrier, in the form of scale, between the water and heat exchanger. This scale barrier also reduces efficiency of the boiler, resulting in higher gas or propane consumption.

Goodway Technologies’ descaling solutions have been tested and approved for use on Camus boilers and water heaters. One of those solutions is ScaleBreak-MP, a blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors and wetting and penetrating agents. Goodway has developed a calculator to help determine the correct amount of ScaleBreak-MP required for cleaning a Camus boiler or water heater.

According to Camus, the partnership also aims to provide education on the importance of proper maintenance and the best approach to get it done safely and effectively.