A turnkey cooling system has cut the time it takes to chill a meat marinade by one-third, enabling a soup/sauce manufacturer to significantly increase production. Denver-based Ready Foods, after receiving a large order from a chain of restaurants, needed a solution that would enable it to decrease the length of time it took to cool the marinade from 200°F to 38°F.

The system, provided by HRS Heat Exchangers, includes:

  • A transfer pump to move the product from the cook kettles into the balance tank.
  • A balance tank to receive and mix both recycled and new incoming product.
  • A hydraulic pump to push product through the system.
  • A precooler consisting of 10 HRS-manufactured triple-tubes as the precooling exchanger.
  • The final cooler, comprising two HRS-manufactured scraped-surface heat exchangers.
  • A three-way valve.


The precooler cools the product using chilled water. The valve sends product into the filler tank or back to the balance tank, depending on whether the temperature requirement is met or the filler tank is too full to receive product. HRS also supplied auxiliary equipment, including a cleaning-in-place (CIP) system and a steam-powered hot water set to prevent freezing in the event of a production halt.

The system, which was commissioned in September 2018, has enabled Ready Foods to cut the chill time from three hours to one. On a five-day-a-week basis, Ready Foods can produce 200,000 lb of marinade.