Just as much as New Year’s Eve is a time of new resolutions and beginnings, the end of a year is a time to look back. With that in mind, I wanted to take a look back at the most popular content on our website in 2019 from the perspective of including all content ever published. (If you would like to see the most popular content on our site that was published in 2019, check out our top 10 list on page 46.)

1. Troubleshooting Common Chiller Problems

Even when your chiller is inspected and maintained regularly, its performance can deteriorate over time.

2. Cooling Tower Basics: Piping and Controls

Properly engineered condenser, chiller and cooling tower piping and controls will improve heat transfer.

3. Testing Cooling Tower Water for Total Bacteria and Legionella

Current water-testing methods could be indicating that bacteria control under good control when the opposite is true.

4. Antifreeze and Your Chiller

Find out how adding antifreeze can help maintain your chiller’s integrity. 

5. Cooling with Liquid Nitrogen

Understand differences between mechanical and cryogenic cooling and their benefits to a process.

6. Comparing Leak Detection Methods for Power Generation Condensers

Surface condensers help maximize turbine efficiency in power plants. Effective operation relies on a leak-free vacuum.

7. Selecting a Process Heat Exchanger for Your Application

Weigh the pros and cons of each type and evaluate them for a specific process will ensure the best fit. 

8. Understanding Process Chillers and Their Role in Industrial Settings

Industrial refrigeration is essential to the smooth operation of some of the most important industries in the world.

9. Factors Driving Change for Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems have long taken a standardized approach when it comes to design and construction. 

10. How Clean Is Your Cooling Water?

Side-stream filtration reduces cooling tower operating and maintenance costs. 

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