As of January 1, Chemours Co. suspended supply of high GWP refrigerants R-404A (GWP 3922) and R-507A (GWP 3985) in the European Union. The decision was made to support the market transition driven by the European Union F-Gas regulation to lower GWP alternatives and prepare for the next quota phasedown in 2021.

The F-Gas regulation mandates specific prohibitions of use, as outlined in Annex III of the legislation. As of January 1, there will be a prohibition of the use of stationary refrigeration equipment that contains, or whose functioning relies upon, HFCs with GWP of 2,500 or more (except equipment intended for applications designed to cool products to temperatures below -50°C).

In addition, the regulation reduces the amount of HFCs placed on the market over a 15-year period, with the next quota phasedown taking effect as of January 1, 2021. This can be achieved by transitioning away from high-GWP refrigerants such as R-404A and R-507A to lower-GWP refrigerants such as Opteon XP40 (R-449A), a solution for the retrofit of existing equipment, and Opteon XL40 (R-454A) and XL20 (R-454C), long-term sustainable solutions designed for new equipment.