United States Cold Storage (USCS) opened a 9.3 million ft3 refrigerated warehouse in Turlock, Calif., that will utilize a refrigeration technology that is a first for the company and reportedly one of only a few of its kind operating in the country. USCS Turlock North serves as a dedicated location for Blue Diamond Growers, a global almond marketer and processor.

The transcritical carbon dioxide refrigeration system utilizes carbon dioxide for both low- and high-side compression cycles. This eliminates the use of anhydrous ammonia which, USCS notes, could negatively impact almond product quality in the event of a leak. In operation, the system and building are capable of storing product at temperatures ranging anywhere from -10 to 55°F (-23 to 13°C).

The warehouse has two rooms and as many as 40,500 pallet positions. As a dedicated facility, USCS Turlock North will receive, store and ship Blue Diamond ingredients designated for its own finished products as well as industrial finished goods. It will serve as the primary location for Blue Diamond’s industrial customers.