A plant expansion includes additional space for production, testing and manufacturing of constant-conductance heat pipe (CCHP) lines at Advanced Cooling Technologies’ Lancaster, Pa., facility. The added space also provides ACT room to grow its space copper-water heat pipe (SCWHP) lines as industry adoption for box level electronics cooling increases.

CCHP production requires stringent standards in order to properly operate in space. To meet the quality standards and increase production rates, ACT has added advanced equipment over the last five years. Some of these additions include: 

  • CMM machine to ensure quality standards are met to specifications.
  • Ovens to cure CCHPs before and after cleaning.
  • Testing equipment to ensure CCHP production is ready for space.
  • Aerospace X-ray facility.
  • Multi-stage cleaning baths.

These upgrades also mean that almost all process steps occur within its facility.