I’ll admit, I’m a little out of touch on office décor: I have worked remotely since the mid-2000s. Do companies still display the framed art with inspirational sayings paired with dramatic photographs? You know the kind: an eagle soars across the sky in a black matte frame above a meaningful quote about ambition or excellence. If they don’t, they should.

To be fair, I’d be OK with updating the look and design. I would be sorry to see the messages disappear altogether though. In fact, I have few handcrafted versions of my own around my workspace. My current favorite is, “Stay grounded and move toward your destination.”

I find these visual reminders helpful because at work (as in life), we all can find ourselves buffeted by forces outside our control. The ways in which each of us prefers to read Process Cooling, for instance, has shifted tremendously since 1999 when the first issue was published. Yet my “destination” is always delivering valuable content to process and production cooling engineers involved in industrial cooling. The means by which I reach the destination — print, email newsletters, video or live events, for instance —matters less than what I deliver. My goal is always to deliver the content where you want to find it.

To that end, let me remind you of where you can find Process Cooling.

Digital Editions. Our digital editions provide a savable, searchable, online and downloadable version of the print magazine, complete with all content you see in the printed pages. The digital edition also includes hyperlinks on ads and editorial items to connect you directly the mentioned companies. You can access them on demand or subscribe to the digital version at our website.

eNewsletters. Process Cooling publishes a number of eNewsletters each month, including those related to our webinars, digital editions, videos and other multimedia. Process Cooling In Brief, our bi-weekly editorial eNewsletter, delivers the latest industry news updates, new products, and feature article highlights in your inbox.

Webinars. Current topics already posted on our website include cooling tower maintenance and ammonia refrigeration. Learn about all of our webinars at webinars.process-cooling.com.

Is there a way you’d like to receive content from Process Cooling that I haven’t mentioned? Feel free to reach out to me with ideas.