Given the gravity and dynamic nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, U.S. Water has put a number of changes in places, says CEO LaMarr Barnes in a statement. It reads, in part:

We recognize the importance of making sure our customers have the appropriate levels of inventory on hand to maintain their critical systems. All of our customers are encouraged to review their current product inventory and make sure they are adequately stocked to minimize the potential for shortages and emergency orders during this time. Our field representatives are all working with their customers in this regard.

Supply chains are being taxed globally across all businesses and industries; therefore, we have taken measures in the following three areas:

  • Supply chain

  • Production facilities

  • Product deliveries

We have taken special measures to extend stocking levels of our raw material needs beyond our normal levels, especially for higher risk materials, to reduce the production and delivery risk associated with our products. We are also working with our suppliers to affirm they have increased their own stocking levels to meet our demand. The majority of our supply chain companies have multiple options for their production in various geographies in order to maintain business continuity during these situations. In addition, we always work to have alternate suppliers in place, ready to fill gaps should the need arise.

In terms of our own production facilities, if one or more plants were not able to produce, there is adequate capacity among multiple production facilities across the country that can provide the requisite volume. Warehousing, beyond that at our own production facilities, has alternatives in place, often locally.

For deliveries made by internal drivers from our own fleet, we have backup personnel, and [we] are developing the option to utilize outsourced resources if necessary....

If you have any questions concerning our response or policies with respect to COVID-19, please feel free to contact us at

U.S. Water will become part of a new company, Kurita America Inc., effective April 1.