Blade Profile Provides High Efficiency

The EMAX4 blade profile is designed to reduce energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, refrigeration, chillers, cooling towers and evaporators, among other process equipment. The fan’s high efficiency extends the efficiency range of standard axial blade profiles, and it reduces noise emission by 2 to 3dB. Engineered to fit the company’s existing range of hubs, the fan blade works with the company’s modular system with variable pitch angles. This unique profile is available in 5-, 6-, 7-, 9- and 12-bladed configurations with a diameter range of 24 to 36”.

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Custom Fan Design Capabilities


Each fan engineered by the company is designed to deliver high performance for the precise application specifications without adapting the customer’s system to fit a stock or catalog fan package. Available in a range of materials and configurations, the fans are optimized to meet air movement challenges. The team has extensive air movement and application knowledge. This expertise is supported by advanced engineering and testing protocols, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and accredited test chambers.

Custom Fan


High Airflow Fans for Thermal Management

High Airflow Fans

Filterfans 4.0 provide an IP 54, Type 12 system of protection with flow-optimized fins and rotor blades. The fluted filter mat’s folded structure facilitates airflow while the closed-frame design prevents unfiltered air from penetrating the cabinet. Options for other models in the line include washdown rainhoods, UV-protected plastic for use in direct sunlight, EMC shielding to attenuate RF signals and exhausting fans for custom applications.

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Filtered Fan Packages

Filter fans can be used for dissipating high heat loads inside of electrical cabinets. They replace hot air with cooler air from outside the enclosure. The filter prevents dirt and other contaminants from entering the enclosure. They are designed for enclosures located in ambient environments that are not extremely harsh, where humidity is not a concern. Metal-filtered fan packages incorporate an electric panel filtered fan, which includes intake, exhaust, aluminum framed filters, gaskets, mounting hardware and 16 gauge powder coated mild steel grills. Select models are available in 304 stainless steel.

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Cast Aluminum Blower

Model AF has a rugged, lightweight and rustproof cast aluminum housing for demanding industrial applications. The cast aluminum blowers are available in direct-drive or belt-drive models. Capacity selections are available up to 3,800 cfm and pressure selections up to 20” (SP w.g.) Features include a split, spark-resistant cast aluminum housing for maintenance ease; spark-resistant aluminum wheel; and a statically and dynamically balanced blower wheel.

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Toolless Filter Fans Ease Maintenance

Toolless Filter Fans

Designed for toolless installation and quick filter replacement, Hoffman Type 12 HF Filter Fan incorporates time-saving features. Offered in a range of sizes, the filter fan line has a click-fit design to provide quick installation into the enclosure wall. The fan grille opens with the flick of a finger and sits on a hinge for speedy filter replacement. Additionally, the filter fan line offers protection with a rope gasket that provides a complete seal to the enclosure. These fans are supplied in either an RAL 7035 or RAL 9011 finish and range in size from 4 to 13”. For environments that require more than Type 12 protection, the filter fans can be paired with Hoffman Type 3R or Type 4/4X HH filter fan shrouds that attach to the fans with minimal installation, providing a full solution with even more protection.



Airfoil Square Fans

Airfoil Square Fans

Features of the SQA line of fans includes heavy-gauge steel housings with flanged housing edges to augment the fan’s rigidity. The exclusive hyperbolic spun steel wheel cone optimizes the smooth stable airflow across entire operating range. Shafts made from SAE 1045 carbon steel are turned, ground and polished to ensure a tight bearing and hub fit. Arrangement 9 bases are pre-punched for popular motor frames, and they have threaded belt-tension adjustment and positive locking. To facilitate duct connection, all models are furnished with prepunched flanged outlets to match the optional outlet damper. The housings are easily rotated without disassembly to simplify installation and relocation while operating efficiently in all four discharge positions. Fan sizes range from 8.75 to 44.5” and volumes to 55,000 cfm.

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High Output Electronic Cooling Fan Optimized for Heat Sink and Heat Exchanger Applications

Electronic Cooling Fan

The MIL-XTM is optimized for heat sink and heat exchanger electronic cooling applications. The tubeaxial fan has a capacity of 450 cfm at 1” iwg or 350 cfm at 2” iwg. It is designed for long life in harsh industrial, aerospace and military environments. The fan can be used to cool electronic devices and equipment racks in mission-critical applications. Multiple fans can be stacked to meet high flow requirements. Standard efficiency and reliability features include advanced composite propeller material, shock-proof construction (meeting Mil-S-901), reverse polarity protection and overvoltage protection. Optional features include round or flat case, mounting options, EMI filter, immersion protection, fan performance sensor and analog speed control.

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Axial Fans for Industrial Processes

Axial Fans

The most common applications for Swifter brand industrial axial fans include cooling towers, heat exchangers and evaporators. The fans are suitable for the OEM market, as well as the industrial replacement fan market. Patented airfoil fan blades are available from 5 to 40’ in diameter. Fan blades and hubs are available in custom sizes, colors and configurations. Features include slim-line blade profile, high density polyurethane foam core FRP fan blade, steel shank plate (on larger fans), and a seamless blade design.

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