Accuchiller TCF chiller uses a hybrid-film evaporator to provide the energy efficiency of wet (flooded) systems in a compact footprint using less refrigerant. Flooded evaporative systems immerse copper water tubes in liquid refrigerant; by contrast, hybrid-film evaporation systems use a thin film of refrigerant to achieve energy efficiency with less refrigerant. The evaporative cooling system has a compact, modular design with a small footprint to reduce floor-space requirements. The chiller uses the company’s advanced PLC system that controls, monitors and maintains stable pumping system operation. A color touchscreen displays an overview of the system as well as time-stamped faults or alarms and compressor and pump hours. The chiller is equipped with an Ethernet port and is fully compatible with the company’s CONNEX4.0 plant-wide equipment remote control and monitoring system.

Thermal Care