The D4PMO is designed specifically for the U.S. dairy market in line with the latest 3-A sanitary standard 85-02 for pasteurized milk ordinance (PMO). The new valve is part of the company’s D4 range, which offers reliable separation of dissimilar products during continuous processing with assured separation of clean-in-place (CIP) fluids. The D4PMO is based on the design of the core D4 mix-proof range with additional features to meet PMO standards. These include maintaining zero pressure within the vent cavity and the impingement of CIP fluid during seat lift operation. To manage seat lift detection, the D4PMO valve includes the company’s CU4plus control unit as standard. This unit has integrated seat-lift detection with internal sensors, which eliminates external wiring to avoid damage during handling or washdown. For ease of installation and service, the valve uses a common seal kit across multiple size ranges.

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