Check out this special page to find products perfectly suited to help you and your process equipment handle high ambient temperature and humidity. As we head into the critical summer cooling season, be sure you know about products that can help solve cooling challenges.

BCP™ 1015 Chemistry 


BCP™ 1015 chemistry penetrates, disperses and cleans organic deposits in industrial process and building comfort cooling systems.  It is used in both open and closed loop systems.  Dosing BCP™ 1015 as a part of a regular maintenance program in conjunction with other industrial water treatment chemicals, keeps surfaces clean.  BCP™ 1015 is compatible with oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides and helps them work more efficiently.  The benefits of clean surfaces include less susceptibility to microbially influenced corrosion, reduction of biofilm that harbor pathogens such as Legionella and more efficient heat transfer and evaporation in the cooling tower fill.    

AMSA, Inc.


Ammonia Leak Detection 

leak detector

ATI designs and manufactures a complete line of ammonia gas detectors, both fixed and portable. Additionally, we produce gas detectors for 32 other toxic and combustible gases.   

Analytical Technology Inc.


Design Combines 3 Filters in 1 Unit


Easily and efficiently remove springtime pollen and plant debris and address all seasonal challenges with your system utilizing Harmsco’s Hurricane XP swing bolt & Hurricane HiFlow filter housings. These proven products provide effective performance with up to 20% reduction in energy costs. Their intelligent design combines three filters into one compact housing with flow rates up to 2,400 gpm per housing with operating pressures up to 235 PSI (XXP). The outer chamber induces cyclonic separation of dense solids prior to Up-flow and Cartridge filtration for extended cartridge life and increased dirt-holding capacity. This patented design results in fewer maintenance intervals and reduces overall operating costs.    

Harmsco Filtration Products


Direct Replacement for Trane’s™ DHY00337 Filter & Purge! 

filter drier

The FD007 Filter Drier is designed to remove moisture and acid from an R-11, R-113, or R-123 Centrifugal Chiller. The FD007 is designed to be a direct replacement for Trane's™, Part No DHY00337 which is used on Trane’s™ Purifier® Purge and its EarthWise™ Purges.    

Redi Controls, Inc.


Accuchiller TSE Series Central Chillers


Accuchiller TSE Series Central Chiller with Tank, integrates a chiller with a complete pumping system and reservoir in one package to minimize floor space and are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 160 tons. Units come fully assembled and prewired, ready for quick and simple installation and include an insulated integral tank. With a process pump and chiller pump as standard or with an optional dual standby or dedicated standby pumps, this package provides a wide range of options and configurations to suit any process need.  TSE Series Chillers come standard with Dynamic Lift technology and a PLC with color touch-screen.  

Thermal Care


Bigger & Better

enclosure coolers

TECA enclosure coolers serve where other thermoelectric coolers cannot. Our thermoelectric air conditioners offer more performance and better power efficiency than any in the marketplace. How? The TECA difference is in our design, materials, and workmanship practices. Successfully used in outdoor and harsh environments such as refineries, mobile military units, and power distribution, TECA offers robust and reliable solutions for cooling requirement of up to a half-ton BTU/hr (or more). The broadest collection of thermoelectric coolers, including the largest available on the market, is TECA’s. Our products are ruggedized for outdoor use. Contact TECA today for sizing advice.    

TECA Corp.


Universal Flow Meters' CoolPointTM Flow & Temperature Measurement 

flow meter

The UFM CoolPointTM CT Series Flow Meter is made for process cooling systems by combining the temperature transmitter with the flow meter measurement. The advantage is receiving the necessary process outputs for two functions with the benefit of plumbing and wiring for only one device. This reduces the overall size and complexity of the system and saves costs by removing components and unnecessary installation labor. Simultaneously monitor outputs through the LED digital display and the 4-20 mA signal or set alarms through the solid state relays for temperature and flow.    

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.