Americold Realty Trust, an owner and operator of temperature-controlled warehouses, partnered with Feed the Children, a nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger, to support COVID-19 relief for families in crisis.

Working in communities throughout the United States, Feed the Children assists the most vulnerable, who rely on school meals and feeding programs to survive. To support this effort during the pandemic while many school meals programs have been disrupted, Americold is providing complimentary temperature-controlled transportation services to deliver cold food. Americold trucked more than 84,000 pounds of donated milk and dairy products in early May from Texas to Leola, Pa., to one of Feed the Children’s community partners.

In addition to food transportation services, Americold donated $100,000 to Feed the Children for COVID-19 relief activities in April. With the donation, Feed the Children was able to deliver more food, water and daily essentials for living directly to families and facilitate drop-and-go operations for children without food during school closures.