World Refrigeration Day 2020 will be celebrated with events, including webinars, contests and live training.

The event — held annually on June 26 — seeks to draw attention to important role that refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps play in modern life. From food processing, preservation and production to comfort cooling, as well as effective transport of products like medicines and vaccines, refrigeration helps save lives.

This year’s emphasis includes “Cold Chain 4 Life,” a campaign that explains what the cold chain is and why it matters. A key focus is reducing food losses by effective refrigeration and food handling practices.

“Reducing food losses is one of the most important challenges concerning food security in the future as well as reducing global warming. Building good cold chains worldwide is the best answer,” says Didier Coulomb the Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration, among comments from other World Refrigeration Day supporters.

Events planned include:

  • Cold Chain 4 Life webinar panel. Register here.
  • Drawings via LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more here.
  • Trivia contest via Emerson’s Copeland Scroll on Facebook. Learn more here.
  • Technical talk on the “Role of Refrigeration in Milk Processing and Dairy Preservation” via Zoom video conference. Learn more here.

World Refrigeration Day published an infographic highlighting the key benefits of refrigeration. View it here. Learn more about World Refrigeration Day here.