The more things change, the more they stay the same, noted Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr in Les Guêpes July 1848. (To be precise, he said it in French, but the sentiment is true in any language.) In 2020, I have been reminded time and again how true this epigram is.

While I suppose one can ascribe positive or negative connotations to such changes, what is most true is simply that the change occurs. For instance, with the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders changing how we live — at least for a little while — the use of video conferencing services skyrocketed. Educators at every level learned on the fly how to engage a classroom of students via videoconference. Within our own organization, as our company shifted to 100% work from home, those that had been office based sought out ways to meet face to face. Though I’ve worked remotely since 2008, this shift to video meetings helped me feel more connected to the team. It was a change, but it was a positive one.

The growth in videoconferencing has also allowed me to connect with those in the industry in new ways as well. We’ll be bringing more of those conversations to you in the form of audio and video on our website. At Process Cooling, we have always prioritized delivering content to readers in the manner in which they wish to consume it, and now more than ever, our readers want digital content. This is also why, we are suspending the delivery of our print magazine beginning with the July/August issue.

As technology has evolved, Process Cooling — launched in 1999 as only a printed and mailed publication — added its website, eNewsletters, digital editions, podcasts, videos, mobile apps, webinars and, coming next year, an in-person conference and tradeshow. Our digital products will continue to deliver the content you value during this pandemic and long after it.