Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group, a subsidiary of Nikkiso Co. Ltd., established an office in Moscow, Russia. The facility will allow the company to support LNG and petrochemical customers in the Russian market.

In addition, the group received a contract to supply all the cryogenic pumps in a major liquefaction terminal under construction. A portion of these pumps will be designed and engineered at Nikkiso’s Higashimurayama, Tokyo, plant. They will be assembled and tested in Nikkiso’s new factory in Miyazaki City, Japan. This recently built factory allowed Nikkiso to provide all of the cryogenic pumps for a project of this size for the first time. The facility in Miyazaki City has also allowed the company to further diversify its manufacturing facilities outside of the United States to better meet customer needs.

The project is scheduled to begin in late 2022 and will run for several years.