Starting in June 2017, Real Alternatives 4 Life, led by eight project partners, aimed to develop training materials, practical exercises and assessments to standardize the skills set and requirements for handling low GWP refrigerants globally.

In Europe, the phase down of fluorinated gases under the EU F-Gas Regulation continues to drive the increased use of alternative low GWP refrigerants. Low GWP alternative refrigerants require a higher level of competence amongst technicians to ensure safe handling and operation, notes the project partners. The courses developed by Real Alternatives 4 Live focus on three main types of alternative refrigerants: flammables (hydrocarbon, HFO/A2L, R32), carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Project activities included train-the-trainer sessions, study days and workshops across Europe and promoted best practices in training while also raising awareness by attending international events. The program also offered certification for technicians who had completed Real Alternatives standard assessments.

The three-year project accomplished the following:

  • Around 200 trainers have been certified.
  • Training resources are available in 17 languages.
  • Nine free learning modules are available online.
  • Seven train-the-trainer sessions.
  • Four study day events for teachers.
  • Twenty-three national certified organizations are now able to accredit trainers.
  • Over 5,000 individual learners registered.
  • Around 500 technicians have been certified.
  • Outreach of over several hundred thousand people globally.

Learn more about the project here.