While COVID-19 has forced travel restrictions and supply chain constrictions, product development must go on. To help dairy processors develop and pilot test new products, SPX Flow has put into place secure, remote procedures in place to procure raw materials and conduct trials on behalf of its customers. The company can share results and ship samples of products upon completion of tests.

The SPX Flow Innovation Center at ENIL, the French National Dairy School, offers extensive testing capabilities — supported by process and automation engineers — to optimize processes and products. Team members from ENIL and SPX Flow work in the center, which was developed to help dairy processors enhance fresh dairy products and create new dairy or plant-based products. 

The center is equipped to handle fresh dairy product applications, including yogurts, fresh cheese, fermented milks, desserts and probiotic drinks. It incorporates a small-scale, multi-purpose fermentation plant that can be used to produce and test fresh dairy products produced from fresh milk and its constituents or plant-based alternatives in liquid or solid form.