Gamma Graphics Services (GGS), a nondestructive testing company based in Carpentersville, Ill., is expanding its service offering for cold-storage and food-and-beverage facilities in the United States. Changes to GGS’ on-site testing process were implemented to strengthen related process safety management (PSM) program adherence for ammonia refrigeration system owners.

In March 2019, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) published ANSI/IIAR Standard 6-2019 which defines minimum requirements for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems. According to GGS, it was important that the company examined how well its services were helping customers meet rigorous requirements.

GGS now deploys two-man technician teams to each customer site. As a result, the company has increased its run rate and consistently tests more than 200 locations on a system in a single day. The speed of data collection is also due in part to radiometric profiling (RP), which is capable of scanning piping to test the contents without cutting holes in jacketing or insulation.