1.Cleaning Scale from Cooling Tower Systems

cooling towers

When scale is present, the system’s compressor works harder, drawing extra current. This increases energy costs, affects system longevity and prevents the equipment from achieving optimum capacity. Click here to read more!

2.The Need for Temperature Control in Plastic Injection Molding

plastic injection molding

Temperature control prevents quality issues such as shrinkage, warping and stresses from developing in the injection-molding processes. Click here to read more!

3.Hybrid Cooling Saves Water, Reduces Energy Use

hybrid cooler

Demands for evaporative cooling equipment that uses less water and energy influence the development of hybrid cooling technologies. Click here to read more!

4.Understanding TEMA Types for Shell-and-Tube Exchangers

shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Shell-and-tube designs incorporate fixed or floating tubesheets, fixed or removable tube bundles and expansion joints as needed to create an effective heat transfer vessel. Gain a better understanding of the TEMA types to improve your selection process. Click here to read more!

5.Cryogenic Solutions for Compliant Industrial Hemp Processing


Liquid nitrogen cooling finds use in an array of applications to help industrial hemp processors meet increasing quality, safety Click here to read more!

6.Industrial-Scale Food Freezing

frozen shrimp

Cryogenic freezing provides processors with the ability to change production, process a variety of products and produce high quality frozen food. Click here to read more!

7.All About Open-Drive, Hermetic or Clear-Liquid Refrigeration Pumps

process cooling pumps

Get tips on selecting a pump for a refrigeration unit and troubleshooting advice to ensure the pump installed in your application works at its highest efficiency. Click here to read more!

8.Adiabatic Cooling Assists with Sustainability Goals

adiabatic cooling

A processor realizes energy and water savings after installing an adiabatic cooling system. Click here to read more!

9.How to Successfully Implement Evaporative Cooling

evaporative cooling

Two case studies highlight ways evaporative cooling is used in the process industries to reduce the impact of heat-generating equipment such as paint ovens and plastic-molding equipment. Click here to read more!

10.Advances in Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

water treatment solutions

Stringent discharge regulations and the desire to reduce chemical usage are driving cooling tower owners to look for new sustainable yet effective water treatment solutions. Click here to read more!