The PCTS Series is an open-loop system that provides for good heat transfer and stable plant operation. Features include an induced-draft, crossflow tower cell that is factory assembled and designed to cool 3 gpm of water per ton, from 95°F to 85°F, at the prevailing summer wet bulb conditions. An integrated fan cylinder and distribution basin is located on the top, and a single-piece collection basin rests the bottom.  Both are constructed of industrial grade rotomolded polyethylene. The pump/tank station has a fully trimmed process pump and can include a tower water recirculation pump.  The tank is constructed of carbon or stainless steel and includes cover, site glass, drain and overflow. A NEMA 4 electrical panel is mounted on the pump/tank station that contains all fuses, overloads, contactors, switches and lights. An electronic temperature controller controls the fan motor to maintain water temperatures.

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