A retrofit project for a Vietnamese rigid packaging and PET converter swapped out four evaporative cooling towers and eight water-cooled chillers for side-machine individual chillers and an adiabatic cooler for overall heat dissipation.

Ngoc Nghia Industry commissioned Frigel Group to retrofit the cooling system of its “Interpet” plant, located in Tay Ninh province (HCMC), where PET preforms are produced. As a PET converter specializing in bottle blow-molding, injection molding, and cap compression molding, Ngoc Nghia Industry tasked Frigel with three primary tasks:

  • Replace the existing water-cooled chillers that supply chilled water to the molds, hot runners and mold dehumidifiers.
  • Replace four 350 CTR cooling towers that supplied water to the water-cooled chillers, resin dryers and oil coolers of the injection-molding machines.
  • Perform an energy audits of the entire cooling system before and after the retrofit to assess actual energy savings.

As a part of the retrofit, Frigel installed its RVM range Microgels, a machine-side mold-cooling unit, and its Ecodry adiabatic cooling system, which is expected to reduce Ngoc Nghia Industry’s water consumption by approximately 10 million gallons annually. The energy audit using its Mind digital supervision system showed energy consumption was reduced by an average of 37 percent following the retrofit.

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