Whether packaged, modular units or field-erected, multi-cell towers, cooling towers designed for industrial process applications deliver effective evaporative cooling.


Fiberglass Cooling Tower

fiberglass cooling tower

Series FC is designed for outdoor use in industrial manufacturing locations and includes a 10-year warranty on the shell and a five-year warranty on the motor. The 100 to 240 ton tower ships assembled with the fan motor and fan blade removed to prevent shipping damage. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, the tower has a fiberglass tower casing and basin, reinforced fiberglass internal structural supports and stainless steel fan support and fasteners. The stainless steel fan guard provides protection from debris entering fan assembly, and the fill, drift eliminators, louvers and water distribution system are constructed of PVC.

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Forced-Draft, Counterflow Cooling Tower for Industrial Processes

Forced-Draft, Counterflow Cooling Tower

The low profile Series LSTE incorporates Evapak fill, which is constructed of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and resistant to rot or decay. Other features of the low profile, low sound, centrifugal fan cooling tower include a unitary, compact design for tight layouts or height-restricted areas. Ranging in capacity from 33 to 1,349 nominal tons, the forced-draft tower incorporates PVC pipe and ABS plastic nozzles for its pressurized water-distribution system.





Industrial-Grade Modular Cooling Tower

Industrial-Grade Modular Cooling Tower

Series 5000 is designed to provide maximum uptime in dirty water applications. The industrial-grade, modular cooling tower is designed to optimize cleanability and provide corrosion resistance. With a thermal capacity of 174 to 814 tons and flow rates up to 4,500 gal/min, the tower incorporates the company’s Enduraflow heat transfer technology. The optional direct-drive Enduradrive fan system, with a seven-year warranty, is designed to minimize maintenance requirements and maximize uptime.

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Cottonwood Filter Screens for Cooling Towers, Air Cooled Chillers

Cottonwood filter screens eliminate clogging of fill and strainers as well as sludge buildup in cooling towers. Less contamination means facilities can avoid cleaning solvents and power washing of chiller or condenser coils. Facilities can save annually in energy, downtime, lost productivity and maintenance costs. Compatible with all mechanical equipment brands, the air-intake filter screens are offered in 10 styles. From small condenser and chiller coils to large cooling towers and intake openings that require fast setup or take down, air-intake filtration systems can protect valuable equipment from airborne debris.

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Air-Cooled Fluid V-Shaped Cooler

Air-Cooled Fluid V-Shaped Cooler

Model GFW offers a space-saving construction with increased capacity, low width and weight, and high quality fan motors. It has a clean fin design to prevent dirt and dust accumulation. Options include high efficiency EC motors with motor management; corrosion-protected and epoxy-resin-coated fins; vibration dampers; and a split-circuit design. The optional ACS incorporates adiabatic precooling of the intake air to significantly increasing the thermal performance of the cooler with minimal water usage.

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Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Series FG offer corrosion resistance and energy efficiency. For cooling requirements at 85°F (29.4°C) and above, water consumption may be reduced by 98.5 percent through the use of cooling towers to remove process heat. Features include an induced-draft design, balancing valve and pressure gauge, factory-tuned fan-blade pitch, PVC fill and drift eliminators with UV protection, energy-efficient fan motor, vertical air discharge and a large inspection/access door. The lightweight, noncorrosive fiberglass shell with fiberglass side seams is coated with a UV inhibitor.

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Packaged Cooling Towers Offer Compact Footprint

Cooling towers include a 15-year exterior shell warranty and are available in sizes from 25 to 1471 nominal tons per unit. Options include one-, two- or four-fan models with a proprietary direct-drive system and low sound fan packages. Constructed of single-piece molded fiberglass, the towers offer a modular configuration for increased capacities to accommodate any heat load.

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Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

A counterflow tower with a built-in copper tube heat exchanger for cooling process water, the MW Series has 0.625” heavy-wall copper tubes for heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Clean process fluid circulates from the facility through the copper-tube heat exchanger inside the cooling tower. Fans on top of the tower draw air through louvers on the side of the tower. The air passes upward through the fill material over the copper-tube heat exchanger. Cool water from the tower’s stainless-steel basin is pumped over the heat exchanger tubes. As the water exchanges heat with the air, a small amount of water evaporates, aiding the fluid cooling process. The cooling tower fans turn on and off as needed to regulate the water temperature.

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Crossflow, Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Crossflow, Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Marley Series 10 and Series 15 cooling towers are field constructed and incorporate splash fill. The crossflow, wood cooling towers are designed to serve all normal cooling water systems, including dirty water systems that would place the long-term operation of a film-fill tower in jeopardy. Adjustable-pitch fans with true airfoil blades and 98 percent efficient Geareducer drive help ensure maximum utilization of applied fan power. Computer-optimized fill configurations and low pressure drop drift eliminators afford maximum cooling with minimum power input. Gravity flow water distribution minimizes pump power requirements.

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Counterflow Cooling Tower Incorporates Douglas Fir Construction

Counterflow Cooling Tower

Heavy-duty, industrial-grade tower is outfitted with offset or low fouling film-fill material to provide maximum cooling for a range of water quality conditions. Offering the durability of a Douglas fir structure, the CFD Series is engineered to withstand the daily rigors of industrial processing plants, power plants, and oil refineries. In order to enhance its biological defenses, all Douglas fir structure members are pressure treated after fabrication to provide a longer service life. The film-fill material is selected to meet the unique water quality of each application to ensure optimum cooling performance.

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Induced-Draft Packaged Cooling Tower

Induced-Draft Packaged Cooling Tower

An induced-draft, counterflow cooling tower, the TM Series is available in single-unit capacities from 250 to 2,500 cooling tons. Standard features include seamless double-wall HDPE shell, corrosionproof construction, direct-drive fan system and totally enclosed VFD-rated motors. Factory assembled to simplify installation, the tower has a 20-year shell warranty. Other features include a PVC water-distribution system with nonclog, large-orifice, removable nozzles and high efficiency PVC fill.

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Crossflow Cooling Towers

Crossflow Cooling Towers

Available in various cell sizes and combinations of components, crossflow cooling towers can be designed to specific application requirements. Crossflow cooling towers offer easy accessibility of key components such as fill, drift eliminators, mechanical equipment and the water-distribution system to simplify maintenance. Materials of construction include wood or fiberglass composite structural materials.

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Cooling Tower Corrosion Prevention with Petrolatum Tape System

Wet/dry cycles and constant temperature changes help create cooling tower corrosion. Petrolatum tape systems provide protection for piping, conduit, electrical boxes, hangers, valves, flanges and sprinkler systems with minimum surface preparation required. Typical uses include Denso Paste S105 with a double layer of Densyl tape to all exposed steel pipe in the cooling tower system.

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Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Manufactured of extra-thick fiberglass to provide low maintenance performance, fiberglass cooling towers are supplied fully assembled on a structural steel, integral base to ease installation. Features include fiberglass-reinforced polyester casings, high efficiency PVC fill, standard NEMA frame TEFC motors and low speed propeller fans. A UV inhibitor is added to the gel coat applied to the water basin to eliminate fiberglass deterioration and pigment fade.

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