Typical applications for the FTI QCT_PA12 Series include water treatment for cooling towers and boilers, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, mechanical seal flushing or cooling, process water, cooling loops, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, small-line injection systems, DI water-distribution systems and high purity filtration systems. The inline liquid ultrasonic flow meters’ construction and Nylon-12 (PA12) material make them suited for many high purity and corrosive liquids. High accuracy and repeatability are achieved through the flow measurement section, where flow is conditioned and ∆T measured along the meter’s axis. The meter bases its operation on measuring the time difference of an ultrasonic wave traveling with and against the flowing medium. The time difference is directionally proportional to the fluid’s flow rate.  Intended for use in low viscosity liquid applications requiring accuracy and reliability, the flow meters are suited for applications in chemical, food-and-beverage, pharmaceutical, plastics, power generation, pulp-and-paper and semiconductor processes.

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