The Advantages of Kooltronic Closed-Loop Enclosure Cooling

Electrical enclosures containing expensive heat-sensitive equipment need to be protected from high temperatures, moisture and airborne contaminants. Using a unique closed-loop design, Kooltronic air conditioners cool, dehumidify and recirculate clean air within enclosures (and through heat-producing elements), providing numerous benefits:

  • Increased lifespan for electronics.
  • Improved operating efficiency. 
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Reduced risk of downtime.

Kooltronic offers an extensive selection of NEMA-rated air conditioners in various sizes, capacities and mounting configurations, including our newly designed Access Series Air Conditioner (pictured).

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Vortex Flow Sensors

Image provided by SIKA

VVX Vortex Flow Sensors

The new SIKA VVX Vortex Flow Sensors are designed for higher flow applications such as large heat pumps and chillers, water stations and water treatment plants.

How the technology works:

Alternate vortices rotating in opposite directions are generated behind a bluff body immersed in a flow. The vortices detach from the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the fluid stream. The distance between the single vortices is constant. The frequency of the vortices flowing past a sensor depends on the flow rate and is proportional to the flow. The sensor detects these vortices, which are then converted to an electrical frequency signal.

SIKA VVX Series flow sensors offer the following compelling features:

  • Solid-state flow sensor with no moving parts for liquids → no mechanical wear
  • Rugged construction ensures highest strength and performance
  • Completely encapsulated piezoceramic sensor to detect the vortices → thus no direct contact with the medium
  • Wide measuring span ~(1:21)
  • Temperature sensor integrated
  • Output signals: analog voltage signals and /or pulse signal is available for the flow, and a resistance or analog signal is available for the temperature.
  • High interference resistance
  • Thread connection or QuickFasten




Thermal Care Inc.

Outdoor Packaged Industrial Chillers

Image provided by Thermal Care

Thermal Care Outdoor Packaged Industrial Chillers

Since 1969, Thermal Care has continuously developed new products to improve energy savings and productivity for our customers. Our latest release, the KSE Series air-cooled packaged chiller, is a new approach to outdoor chillers that can withstand ambient conditions from -20°F to 125°F.

The process fluid circuit allows for more flexibility, with a standard setpoint temperature range from 20°F to 80°F. The chiller can be configured with integrated low or high pressure pumping packages. The high pressure design allows it to support entire plant wide cooling system needs.

An advantageous feature of the KSE chiller, is that it comes with independent fluid and refrigeration circuits for built-in backup, highlighting Thermal Care’s more than 50 years of chiller design experience for industrial applications.

Another versatile feature is its robust outdoor PLC control system allowing chillers to be combined in a modular system up to 720 tons.  KSE Series chillers come with an advanced outdoor PLC control system with ModBus TCP/IP & RTU and a 7-inch color touch screen similar to the controllers used on Thermal Care’s Accuchiller NQ Series portable chillers.

This robust control system provides premium performance and extensive diagnostic capabilities with a multitude of communication options, making it IIoT ready including OPC/UA, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP and LonWorks. Screen layouts are improved to simplify finding data in an easy-to-follow format. Connecting to Thermal Care’s optional CONNEX 4.0 system allows for integrated connectivity and secure remote access to all related connected equipment.

Thermal Care



Thermo Electric

TECA enclosure coolers

Bigger & Better

TECA enclosure coolers serve where other thermoelectric coolers cannot. Our thermoelectric air conditioners offer more performance and better power efficiency than any in the marketplace. How? The TECA difference is in our design, materials, and workmanship practices. Successfully used in outdoor and harsh environments such as refineries, mobile military units, and power distribution, TECA offers robust and reliable solutions for cooling requirement of up to a half-ton BTU/hr (or more). The broadest collection of thermoelectric coolers, including the largest available on the market, is TECA’s. Our products are ruggedized for outdoor use. Contact TECA today for sizing advice.



Turner Designs

Oil Cooler Leak Detection System

Image provided by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

Oil Cooler Leak Detection System

Oil in cooling water can cause tower fouling, blowdown and discharge water issues. Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, specialists in ultraviolet fluorescence technology, offers fast, reliable and highly sensitive oil in water monitors.

The TD-120 is ideal for detecting leaking oil coolers and protecting cooling towers and membrane treatment systems. The rugged TD-120 and TD-4100XDC monitors are ready for installation in power plants, steel mills, and other industries with rotating equipment and large oil coolers.

Online Monitor Accessories

  • Sea water corrosion resistant wetted parts
  • Calibration standards
  • TD Sample Thief
  • Hazardous area classifications (TD-4100XDC)

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments