Lineage Logistics will build a $42 million expansion of its Jourdan Road cold-storage facility in New Orleans East, where the company plans to create 50 new direct jobs.

One of two major Lineage facilities at the Port of New Orleans, the cold-storage complex at Jourdan Road along the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal will grow from 160,000 ft2 to 304,000 ft2. The company will retain 188 existing jobs with the new project while creating an estimated 50 new direct maritime and warehousing jobs.

Shipments from the existing and expanding cold-storage facilities of Lineage Logistics draw upon multiple Louisiana poultry producers, including hatcheries and processing plants. In 2020, Lineage facilities in New Orleans partnered with the Port of New Orleans to export 380,000 tons of poultry to global markets. The expansion will support imports of fresh produce as well.

Lineage acquired New Orleans Cold Storage as part of its acquisition of Emergent Cold in 2020.