A M King started construction of a distribution center in Laredo, Texas, for Mexico-based GAB Operations LLC. The 45,590 ft2 facility will provide increased cold-storage capacity for fresh produce. The project is scheduled to be completed in October.

The scope of work includes 7,717 ft2 of refrigerated spaces ranging from 34 to 45°F; a 13,030 ft2, -10°F freezer; 2,502 ft2 of 75°F dry storage; 10 dock positions; and 4,570 ft2 of office space. A M King also included a forced air cooler that would bring the temperature of the produce down quickly and safely.

Founded more than three decades ago in Guanajuato, Mexico, GAB specializes in the production, development, marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits. In addition, the company, which operates under the brand name Mr. Lucky, is a large garlic and organic tomato producers in Mexico and provides prepacked salads and private-label products for many U.S.-based produce outfits.