Check out this special page to find products perfectly suited to help you and your process equipment handle high ambient temperature and humidity. As we head into the critical summer cooling season, be sure you know about products that can help solve cooling challenges.

Chase Cooling: Chase Chiller CWB Series

The CWB Series delivers high-capacity cooling (up to 150 tons) in one convenient package. All units include variable speed condenser fans, scroll compressors, and stainless-steel brazed plate evaporators. Choose to add an integrated pump and/or tank to the package while still maintaining a minimal floor space design. The pre-assembled wiring makes unit installation uncomplicated and relatively fast. All CWB Series chillers have microprocessor controllers with a clear user interface to understand the unit’s operating parameters and alarms. As with all Chase Chillers, CWB units come backed with support from our team of engineering experts.

Magnatrol: Bronze & Stainless Steel 2-Way Solenoid Valves

Full port-internal pilot operated or direct acting solenoid valves to control flow of Water, Oil, Gas, Steam, Brine, Solvents, Cryogenics and Oxygen. Packless construction with continuous duty coils for all voltages, NO differential pressure required to open and easily serviced while in the pipeline. Bronze Valves: 3/8” – 3” – Stainless Steel Valves: ½” – 3”, available normally open or normally closed and explosion proof. QUICK DELIVERY.

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SIKA: SIKA VVX Vortex Flow Sensors

The new SIKA VVX Vortex Flow Sensors are designed for higher flow applications such as large heat pumps and chillers, water stations, and water treatment plants.


  • Solid state flow sensor with no moving parts for liquids → no mechanical wear
  • Can handle flow rates for 2-4” pipes
  • Rugged glass fiber reinforced plastic ensures highest strength and performance
  • Completely encapsulated piezoceramic sensor to detect the vortices → thus no direct contact with the medium
  • Temperature sensor integrated
  • Output signals: analogue voltage signals and/or pulse signal is available for the flow, and a resistance or analogue signal is available for the temperature.
  • Thread connection or QuickFasten


Thermal Care: NQ Series Portable & Packaged Chillers

Using a chiller should be easy. We kept that in mind when we designed the controller on Accuchiller NQ Series portable and packaged chillers. We use an advanced PLC system with a wide range of communication options and a 7-inch color touch screen with a simple to follow format. Settings, troubleshooting and trending information are readily available with no confusing codes. Add a variable speed compressor package and an NQ chiller can pay for itself in energy savings, which is better than easy. Units are available from 4 to 40 tons in air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condenser models for indoor and outdoor applications.

Thermonics: Ultra-Low Temperature Process Chillers -100 to +200 °C Fluid & Gas Chillers

Thermonics process chillers deliver temperature control from -100 to +200°C to cool a variety of heat transfer fluids and gasses. Our chiller systems are designed for continuous, reliable cooling in the most demanding Industrial and Mil/Aero applications.

  • Air-, Water-, & LN2-cooled Models
  • Multiple Pump & Coolant Fluid Options
  • Powerful Controller: Graphing, Datalogging, & Remote Communications
  • ISO 9001, ITAR, USA Manufacturer

As part of inTEST Thermal Solutions, Thermonics leverages the industry’s most comprehensive thermal toolkit to provide solutions that perfectly match your application. It’s what sets us apart.