With chilling capacities from 3.5 to 15.5 tons, the eight-model line of air-cooled chillers has a operating temperature range available of 23 to 77°F (-5 to 25°C). The MRS line is designed for indoor and outdoor applications and can be used in maximum ambient temperatures from 113 to 122°F (45 to 50°C). Configured to provide good performance at high and low ambient conditions, the chillers use brushless fans with speed control that prevent them from shutting down in cold temperatures. The chillers’ condenser design offers quiet operation, with dB(A) ratings of 48 to 58. In addition, the condenser sections are isolated, thus allowing them to be pressure washed without shutdown. Designed with flat tubes and small channels for refrigerant flow, the chillers contain environmentally friendly refrigerants. Standard with the product line is its nonferrous water-contact surfaces to prevent rust from affecting chiller performance.

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