Båtsfjordbruket, a subsidiary of seafood corporation Insula AS, invested in a growth development plan to meet rising demand for its seafood products. A recent expansion included a site extension and new processing equipment for its frozen fish fillet production line.

Cooling equipment manufacturer Starfrost designed a spiral freezer with sanitizing technology that will enable the seafood firm to increase product throughput and fully automate freezing processes. The compact spiral freezer processes approximately 5,500 lb (2,500 kg) of fish fillets per hour and is designed with horizontal airflow technology for consistent, controlled freezing. The Helix houses approximately 1,830 ft2 (170 m2) of stainless steel belt, enabling large capacities of seafood products to be frozen within a small factory footprint.

Controlled with an intelligent HMI screen, the freezer includes programmable settings for precise temperature reduction and freezing times for individual products. The control system is expected to provide the flexibility needed to meet seafood processor’s existing and future production requirements.