The 9th International Conference on CO2 and Ammonia Refrigeration Technologies, organized by the International Institute of Refrigeration, has transitioned to an online-only event on September 16-17. The event focuses on natural refrigerants and the worldwide trend toward their growing use.

Planned technical session topics include the design of modern ammonia (NH3) systems and technological innovation; the design of carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration and heat pump systems; n new innovative components; energy efficiency of ammonia and CO2 refrigerating systems; applications of ammonia and CO2 refrigeration; absorption machines; and technical and safety issues.

It is organized by the International Institute of Refrigeration, with program support from Eurammon, the European Association for Ammonia Refrigeration, and IIAR, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration.

The registration fee has been reduced. Click here for more information.