An ammonia refrigeration system design that includes chillers and dehumidification systems is helping to ensure that a practice facility used by an NHL team maintains professional level ice at all times.

City National Arena — the practice facility of the National Hockey League’s Vegas Golden Knights — has two ice rinks with programming 17 hours a day all year. Maintaining superior ice quality was essential when the arena sought a new refrigeration system. Other goals were a system that used a sustainable natural refrigerant and had the lowest operating costs

After evaluating its options, the team at City National Arena selected a full Eco Chill package from Cimco Refrigeration, with two Eco Dry units that provide 100 percent of the dehumidification.

The system for the 146,000 ft2 building runs on ammonia, which is climate-friendly with zero global warming potential (GWP). The arena’s air quality is conditioned using the cold and warm glycol from the Eco Dry units, and – despite the traffic and demands on the facility – maintaining a professional-quality sheet of ice for the Vegas Golden Knights’ practices is not a problem. In addition, using waste heat has translated into energy savings for the facility, which pulls cold glycol from the system and sends it to the cold tub for the players’ Jacuzzi. It also uses cold and warm glycol to condition the air in the arena.

The first summer the facility was open it was 115°F (46°C) outside. The Eco Chill was able to accommodate the load and maintain 72°F (22°C) in the building while keeping the ice in top condition, according to Cimco.