An indoor cannabis cultivation facility in Massachusetts ordered three 400-ton chillers from Tecogen Inc., Waltham, Mass.

According to Tecogen, many cannabis cultivation companies integrate cultivation, processing, packaging, delivery and sales at one location, but they have limited electrical capacity for all process operations.

The cogeneration Tecochill units help indoor growers avoid having to install electrical infrastructure upgrades to meet the power requirements of indoor growing operations, says the company.

“We worked with the customer and their design team to ensure they could meet their cooling requirements given the limited electrical capacity at the location,” said Stephen Lafaille, Tecogen’s vice president of business development. “Since they are a vertically integrated provider, additional power and cooling was needed for the post-cultivation processing and extraction. By eliminating the additional electrical capacity needed for cooling and dehumidifying the facility, they can use their limited capacity for other operations.”

This contract marks the 23rd cannabis cultivation facility to select Tecochill chillers from Tecogen Inc.