A green-energy startup produced what it says is the first commercial battery electric truck refrigeration system.

Maxwell and Spark is launching its lithium-ion battery-powered electric systems for refrigerated trucking in Europe. The company is supported in the effort by Fairtree Elevant Ventures, a European growth equity fund based in the Netherlands.

South Africa’s Maxwell and Spark designs and manufactures lithium-ion systems that are intended to help industrial users transition from “dirty energy” to cleaner alternatives. The battery-powered systems are intended to replace diesel and lead-acid industrial systems. The company also produces industrial static power systems.

In 2016, Maxwell and Spark began evaluating the viability of lithium-ion transport refrigeration systems. The company built and tested its first prototype in 2017 before selling its first Fridge.Li battery in 2018. This unit will soon have been running for four years while saving 1.5 kg of carbon emissions every hour of runtime.