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PC 1021 View From the Top: PolyScience

At PolyScience there is no “view from the top” in the eyes of President Philip Preston. Never has been.

Why? “That’s the way the best ideas are born,” he explains. “If we work together, share ideas, collaborate, great things can happen. Yes, I'm the president, but the feedback — of our team, our customers and people out in the factory — is what continues to make our products, better, different, more innovative.”

For 60 years, PolyScience has been a leader and innovator in the precise liquid temperature control industry.

Quality, reliability, durability and American-based manufacturing are the cornerstone of everything that PolyScience stands for, but another key ingredient is simply listening, as President Philip Preston explains. “Some of the greatest innovations that have come out of PolyScience have really been coming directly from the customer.”

“Customer feedback has always been the catalyst for innovation and change at PolyScience. There are a number of areas where we have been pioneers in bringing very customer-centric solutions to market,” Preston explains.

That innovation and change were never more obvious than with the release of DuraChill, their award-winning portable recirculating chiller, loaded with never-before-seen industry-changing technology that became the new standard for excellence and precision.

Now, heading into 2022, PolyScience is set to unveil the much-awaited PolyTemp in March.  While the company is keeping things close to their vest, the word is out that they will once again be changing the world of temperature control.

Being a family-owned business gives Preston and his team the freedom to innovate and create with an eye on quality.

“One of the reasons why I love doing what I do is because we’re not constrained compared to typical companies and having to worry about what’s the return on investment, or the pressure to have a payoff in one or two years. We get to play a long game, and it’s a lot more fun.  It gives us that ability to be a lot more creative and explore things that other companies couldn’t,” Preston says.

PolyScience produces a broad range of liquid temperature control equipment. Their trained customer support staff will gladly assist you in selecting the type of product and specific model best suited for your application.

To learn more about DuraChill or the release of PolyTemp, please visit

Thermal Care

 Thermal Care is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative process cooling technology for more than 50 industries. The company has distinguished itself as a technology trailblazer, delivering cutting-edge products that are cost-effective and long-lasting. Headquartered in a 135,000-sq-ft facility in Niles, Ill., Thermal Care employs over 120 people.

PC 1021 View From the Top: Thermal Care, Lee Sobocinski, PresidentLee Sobocinski, President


“Our success is built by a highly talented workforce that continually innovates, delivering new solutions that elevate our productivity and growth to drive customer satisfaction,” said Lee Sobocinski, Thermal Care president. Sobocinski added, “We stay true to our customers with best-in-class service and support.”

Why choose Thermal Care?

  • We are the heat transfer experts.
    • 52,500+ units installed.
    • 92.1% of our customers in 2020 said Thermal Care products met their needs very well to extremely well.
    • Accuchiller NQV Series variable-speed portable packaged chillers have saved our customers up to 60% in energy use.
  • We provide high quality parts and equipment.
    • Out of the box performance 98.65% over the last 12 months.
    • Warranty claims at 1.09% of sales over the last 12 months.
  • We are responsive to our customers’ needs.
    • 8,500 parts shipments in 2020, 96.62% on time.
    • Handled over 400 after hours calls in the last 2 years.
    • Over 5.8 million in parts inventory ready to ship.

See how Thermal Care can help you find a solution for your application with innovative and energy saving products.



PC 1021 View From the Top: ZIEHL-ABEGG, Peter Fenkl, CEOPeter Fenkl, CEO


ZIEHL-ABEGG is one of the leading international companies in the field of ventilation, control and drive technology. In the 1950s, ZIEHL-ABEGG developed the basis for modern fan drives: external rotor motors, which are still seen as state-of-the-art worldwide. Another area of business is electric motors, which provide power for elevators, CT imaging equipment and deep-sea underwater vehicles, among other applications. The latest development at ZIEHL-ABEGG is the in-wheel-hub-motors for electric city buses.

 The high-tech company has an impressive innovative capability. ZIEHL-ABEGG has a global workforce of 4,300 people distributed between 16 production plants, 29 companies and 108 sales locations. Approximately 30,000 products are sold in more than 100 countries. Turnover in 2020 totaled 760 million USD, with exports accounting for three quarters.

Emil Ziehl founded the company in Berlin in 1910 as a manufacturer of electric motors. After WWII, the company’s headquarters were relocated to southern Germany.

ZIEHL-ABEGG SE is still a family-owned business today.


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