When a Poland-based manufacturer opted to modernize an endothermic generator, it turned to UPC-Marathon for an endogas cooler that uses air as the cooling agent.

Tsubaki Nakashima’s old endothermic generator was devoid of automatic regulation of the efficiency and composition of the mixture and generated high operating costs. In addition, the age and degree of wear of the device, as well as poor-quality water cooling, forced the replacement of components with new ones.

UPC-Marathon changed all the elements responsible for the correct composition of the endothermic protective atmosphere. The lambda probe in the old generator has been replaced by a more powerful dew point measurement system, and the water coolers have been replaced by a cooling system that uses air as a coolant. As a result of the modernization, the generator now produces only as much atmosphere as needed, which is approximately 14 m3/h)

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